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The Erie BayHawks acquired the rights to Jeremy Tyler

(and other D-League news)

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

A quick word from Erie: After a couple weeks of rumors, the Erie BayHawks finally officially acquired Jeremy Tyler from the Santa Cruz Warriors. My friend Keith "Keith" Schlosser broke the news, as far as I can tell:

This does not mean the Knicks have any special rights to Tyler (I know I told you otherwise at some point, but that was wrong. D-League stuff is so confusing). He can sign with any NBA team that wants him. However, it does mean: 1. The Knicks like Tyler even though they cut him out of camp. 2. The Knicks can oversee Tyler's development and maintain a working relationship with him as he finishes rehabilitation post-foot surgery and gets back on the court. I like Jeremy Tyler and I think he might be an NBA player in the making, so I'm happy the Knicks haven't forgotten about him.

On that note, three other Erie items from the last week or so:

1. #Keith did a great interview with Terrence Jennings, who showed a lot of skill with the Knicks in Summer League and will return to Erie this season.

2. Ricky Davis is a BayHawk.

3. Here's the full training camp roster. Our friend Justin Brownlee is there. So, apparently, is Mustafa Shakur. Didn't know that.

So that's what's up with the BayHawks. We may never hear from them again this season, but I'll try to keep tabs whenever their affairs and the Knicks' overlap. I hope they do because Tyler's got potential and also I want to use the scooter photo again.