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Tyson Chandler hurt his knee, X-rays "inconclusive"

That is bad.


Knicks-Bobcats is at halftime as I write this. The Knicks played like a wheelbarrow full of seal guano in the first half, and that wasn't even the end of the torture. Kemba Walker fell knee-first into the side of Tyson Chandler's right knee, bending it ever so slightly inward. It looked bad. Here's what the Knicks are saying for now:

"Inconclusive" is pretty frightening to me, though if anything, it looked more like a tissue/ligament-y type thing than anything involving bones. I do appreciate the Knicks not trying to sell us some "sore knee, day-to-day" bullshit, but I am scared. Losing Tyson Chandler for any significant stretch would devastate a team that doesn't need any help struggling right now. I'll update with more as soon I see more, which may not be until tomorrow.

Please be okay, Tyson.