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Tyson Chandler has a leg fracture, out 4-6 weeks



Tyson Chandler hurt his leg when Kemba Walker fell on it Tuesday night. We knew it'd be something bad. The diagnosis is in and Chandler broke his damn leg:

Okay, some things:

1. That is bad and it is going to hurt the Knicks in the short term. No matter the rotation, no matter the opponent, Tyson Chandler is THE key to the Knicks defense, and his movement in the pick-and-roll helps make the offense hum (when it's humming) as well. The Knicks are going to struggle for the next 4-6 weeks, or they're going to completely change their approach (perhaps to something more closely resembling what happened when Chandler went down last year...).

2. A bone break that doesn't require surgery and only keeps Chandler out a month or two is kinda good news. The way his knee moved, it kinda look like he tore something.

3. The Knicks need to cut Chris Smith yesterday. Kenyon Martin, who was supposed to be on a minutes limit, and Cole Aldrich are the only real centers they have now to play alongside Carmelo Anthony, Amar'e Stoudemire, and Carmelo Anthony. I'm sure we'll see Bargnar'e play plenty of center now (they did last night), but there needs to be depth. Jeremy Tyler would work if he's ready. Anybody. Even if they plan to go small.

3. Hard to say how, but this may have some effect on the Knicks' transaction plans. If they're freaked out and desperate not to lose ground on what is supposed to be a championship season, they might do something rash.

4. Inconsequential, but I think the Knicks did a fine job revealing this information. When they didn't know yet, they said they didn't know yet. Last year, we would have heard "strained knee, day-to-day" for 12 hours before they made a diagnosis. That really irritated me, so I feel I should point this out. Thank you for being straightforward, Knicks. Unless Tyson's leg just exploded and you're calling it a fractured fibula.

Get better, Tyson. This sucks.