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Woodson: Knicks will change only lineups, not roster, for now

They'll see how they manage without Tyson Chandler before making any cuts and signings.


Mike Woodson spoke to reporters in Charlotte this morning and confirmed what reporters had heard: The Knicks won't sign anyone to fill in for Tyson Chandler. At least not yet.

Note that Jeremy Tyler's timetable for recovery from foot surgery puts him back on the court in early December, so that could be what the Knicks are waiting for.

In the meantime, there are baskets to be balled. We got some more updates on who and how Woodson intends to play henceforth, starting tonight against the Bobcats:

So yeah, there goes the Amar'e Stoudemire/Kenyon Martin Preservation Initiative . Couldn't really be sustained with the current roster.

As expected, a two-point-guard, Bargnani-at-the-five lineup will start tonight, and they'll play aggressive defense early in possessions:

Good luck with that! I've seen some sound traps and doubles from the Knicks through four games-- including those involving Andrea Bargnani-- but: 1. The non-pick-and-roll doubles in particular have a tendency to arrive at inopportune moments against non-double-worthy players. 2. In either case, most Knick lineups will lack anyone capable of protecting the rim should the ball find an open man. If the Knick energy flags like it has in previous games, trapping and doubling could turn sour quickly.

That energy better not flag, though. Not after a PLAYER'S ONLY MEETING, the signature move of the faltering team:

Regarding the Bobcats: Al Jefferson is still out and Steve Clifford spent the night in the hospital (feel better, Coach Clifford), so Patrick Ewing may end up coaching against the Knicks tonight. That sound you hear is a dozen beat reporters popping boners all at once.

Tip-off tonight is at 7, not 7:30. Don't be late! Oh, and if you're not an MSGsman, the game's on NBA TV, so perhaps you'll be able to catch it. Game thread'll be up later. <3

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