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Final Score: Knicks 83, Bulls 78


Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Man. I can't remember a win that felt so empty. The Knicks were on pace to blow out a severely depleted, lifeless Bulls team, which would have been only marginally impressive. Then they farted away that entire 23-point lead with a parade of unbelievable Please Reconnect Controller turnovers and egregiously ill-timed fouls. They only held on because of some free throws, some awful Bulls possessions, and a single Amar'e Stoudemire jumper amid a cesspool of turnovers and Carmelo Anthony isolations. You could not dream up a more hideous quarter of Knicks basketball.

But hey, good on Amar'e! That dude had a third straight terrific game, and this time he matched his 14-point (7-11) performance with nine rebounds and some genuinely useful help defense. It's fantastic to see him making a positive impact out there and getting a bit better each night. A real, pure ribbon of joy in an otherwise muddy win.

The bad bad news: Iman Shumpert took a hard bump to his left knee and left the game for good. They say it's bruised, but I'm wary.

The Knicks are exceptionally funny, I'll give them that, but man oh man did they not deserve to win that game. Recap in the morning!