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Knicks Trade Rumors: Knicks still unwilling to deal pick, Broussard talking about the Lakers

It's December 15!


Today is December 15, which means everyone on the Knicks is available to be traded...except for two people: Cole Aldrich (December 24) and J.R. Smith (January 15). I learned that today from this Marc Stein piece. This is important, because most of the Knicks' small-salary guys who might be needed to make deals work had to wait until December 15. Like, any of these proposed packages for Kyle Lowry that included Metta World Peace would have had to wait until today. On that note:

Cool. Fine with me. So that's where that is for now.

The Lowry rumors are still pretty much the only thing going, though Chris Broussard decided to introduce some Knicks-Lakers murmurs with an article this morning, but there's pretty much nothing of substance, or even intrigue:

The Lakers recently called the Knicks to express their interest in Iman Shumpert, according to sources close to the situation.

No trade is imminent, and sources say the Lakers' call was more about doing their due diligence; it's well-known Shumpert is available.

[looks at Lakers roster] Nope, no thanks. For a pick? Maybe. Otherwise, no. Not at all.

Sources say the Lakers also are interested in another Knicks player -- center Tyson Chandler. The Lakers did not inquire about Chandler when they called about Shumpert, but they are weighing whether to propose a Pau Gasol-for-Chandler trade, according to sources.


That was easy! Broussard adds the Knicks don't want to trade Chandler but might be enticed if someone was willing to take back J.R. Smith's contract (that the Knicks just signed on purpose). I'll update when there are updates.