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Tyson Chandler could return this week

That would be good, because Tyson Chandler is good.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

On November 6, we learned Tyson Chandler had fractured his leg and would be out 4-6 weeks. Just about six weeks later, it sounds like he's close to returning. From Marc Berman:

Chandler, as of Monday morning, has not ruled out returning Wednesday in Milwaukee. Chandler is supposed to be reevaluated Monday and must be cleared by the medical staff. The next game after Milwaukee is not until Saturday against Memphis — that appears the latest he would be back.

"Has not ruled out" is well short of "will be", but the fact that it's even a possibility is encouraging, because Tyson Chandler is good and because once he is both back and back to himself (ideally, back to the version of himself that played great in the season's first few games), he can help the Knicks a whole lot. This is all assuming Chandler isn't being rushed back and will be able to work back into fool-stomping form-- without risk of re-injury-- sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, Berman reports for the blumpteenth time that Jeremy Tyler will eventually be called up from Erie to further bolster the frontcourt. He suggests the Knicks could be waiting on a trade-- likely one that opens a roster spot with more outgoing than incoming players-- to make such a call-up.

Knicks-Wizards thread coming in a few hours. I am on a train!