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Pablo Prigioni fractured his toe


Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I'll get a thread up as soon as I can after the game-- again, not much of a recap tonight-- but here's some news on Pablo Prigioni, who headed to the locker room early in the third quarter against the Wizards:

1. Hey now with the quick diagnosis, Knicks!

2. That sucks. That makes Beno Udrih the starting point guard. And it HAS to buy some minutes for Toure' Murry, right? I've been pining for Murry to play, but it'd be better if it were comfortable, deliberate playing time, not okay-holy-shit-we-really-need-you-now playing time. Who knows if this will accelerate some sort of trade or make for a quick signing or something, but...something. Perhaps the Knicks will just force Iman Shumpert or someone to play some point guard.

3. Of course the Knicks say "great toe."

Feel better, Pablo.