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Tyson Chandler will start against the Bucks!

Welcome back, big guy!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, some good news! Several good newses even! It is official: Tyson Chandler has recovered from his fractured leg and will return for the Knicks tonight in Milwaukee. And that's not even the end of it!

Now, note Woodson isn't moving Andrea Bargnani to the bench and starting Melo with three guards because it makes sense in all contexts. He's doing it because the Knicks are short on bigs and he feels compelled to spread his tall people out. The endgame is still to start both Bargnani and Chandler. But hey, the Knicks have played well enough to force Woodson into cementing his desperate, logical choices before. Maybe they can do it again.

Speaking of missing bigs, Woodson downplayed the little Amar'e Stoudemire injury weirdness yesterday (duh):

aaaand we should finally see some Toure' Murry, again because Woodson has no choice:

So, yeah, Woody, here's your chance to not get fired, I guess. Things still sound prettttty tense for you over there, but you appear to be playing your cards right upon Chandler's return. Or maybe you're just lucky injuries removed your ability to play the wrong cards, but whatever. We'll see how it goes.