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Friday Comets


Ewen Roberts

Good evening! I and netw3rk recorded a podcast late last night that still needs to be edited. I'll put it up late tonight if it gets done, but otherwise it should hopefully be up before tomorrow's game. In the meantime: links!

- I watched a National Geographic thing about moray eels last night, and in one part the divers happened upon a comet, a fish that has the same spots as a moray eel and even has what looks like a big moray eye on its ass such that when predators come around, it can stick its head in a crevice, let its tail hang out, and give the impression of being a big scary moray head sticking out of a hole. That photo above is a reverse angle. Those crafty, crafty cowards!

- More details on the Knicks' curfew'd stay at a hotel tonight.

- Yet another Knick (Tyson Chandler) suggesting the locker room misses all of last year's brokedown uncles.

- J.R. Smith on Crowd Goes Wild was fun and stupid. Forced audience cheering makes me so uncomfortable.

- Don't worry about the headline, but our dear friend Joe makes the case that Tim Hardaway Jr. is having one of the best seasons of any rookie out there.

- And here's good ol' Jimmy imagining a world in which James Dolan does not own the Knicks. Paradise.

- I don't know why Kevin Hart remade Skee-Lo's "I Wish", but Carmelo Anthony's in it.

- Nice interview with Toure' Murry, who I hope gets back on his feet soon before this opportunity goes away.

Them's the links! <3