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Dog Playdate Knicks Podcast: Episode 3

More P&T for your ears!

Jared Wickerham

Hey babies! Jason and I couldn't wait until Saturday, so we recorded a new episode of our podcast late Thursday night. We talked about the Knicks' last three games, our distaste for this year's Mike Woodson, the problems with Andrea Bargnani, and more. Here it is:

Online Basketball Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Dog Playdate Knicks Podcast on BlogTalkRadio

Of note: We've switched from Soundcloud to BlogTalkRadio, which makes it much easier to make and upload episodes, and will also make it easier to put this stuff on iTunes (which I will do, probably this weekend). This week, we had to talk remotely, which is why the sound is a little fuzzy, but we should get back to in-person recordings going forward. Hope you enjoy!