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Raymond Felton may return Monday in Orlando

Metta World Peace's knee is acting up again, too.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the injury updates from the Knicks' Sunday practice:

Typically, my reaction to Raymond Felton returning when he's clearly not totally healthy is NO PENGUIN DON'T but this feels like the rare occasion-- no Pablo Prigioni, a coach more willing to play no point guard than Toure' Murry-- where a slightly hurt Felton might be better than no Felton at all. If he and Tyson Chandler could be pick-and-roll friends, that might be good. Then again, playing through pain might just bring about another reinjury. And then again again, the Knicks might be so sad and broken that none of this matters. Moving on!

According to Al Iannazzone, Metta had an MRI on his knee recently and may need some sort of procedure in the near future. So that sucks. A lot of things about the Knicks suck.

Hope you're having a good weekend!