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Final Score: Knicks 103, Magic 98

They won!

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Well, they won.The Knicks can't just, like, WIN a game, but they did end with more points than the Magic did. After leading by as many as 25, New York fell apart in the second half. Carmelo Anthony went down with a sprained ankle, Raymond Felton went down with a strained groin (updates on both in the next post), and the Knicks blew nearly all of their lead. Nothing special there. Just the usual bad pick-and-roll defense and a spate of untimely turnovers 'n' bad shots 'n' stuff. Ugliness so familiar I hardly even blinked.

Andrea Bargnani and Iman Shumpert made some big shots 'n' stops down the stretch, though, and a couple free throws and Tyson Chandler rebounds put the game away. A win's a win, I guess, even if you fart away a massive lead and lose two starters to injury. Injury post coming soon, recap up late tonight or tomorrow morning.