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All the Christmas Eve injury updates

Melo & Kenyon & Felton & Metta

Maddie Meyer

Merry Christmas Eve! All the Knicks are injured. Some are less injured than others. Here are some updates before the Knicks play the Thunder (in orange, sleeved jerseys. Just warning you.) on Chrimbus Day:

Via Marc Berman:

- Carmelo Anthony is a game-time decision after turning his left ankle on Monday night. He "just might be home, on the court, for Christmas." On the court. Home for Christmas. But his home is on the court, you see.

- Also! Kenyon Martin, who I'd totally forgotten about, may return from his abdominal injury. That'd be nice. Kenyon helps the Knicks. More specifically, Kenyon helps the Knicks avoid playing horrendous defensive lineups.

So that's some tentative good-ish news. Then there's this:

So that's bad. Felton returned from a hamstring injury proooooobably before he was ready and immediately suffered another injury. It might be pretty bad, too, but we just don't know yet. Felton guarding Russell Westbrook on a bum flipper would be a disaster, but the alternative is a bit of a disaster, too. Maybe it'll be a very Toure' Christmas?

And then there's Metta World Peace, who's off doing his own thing:

After trying to repeatedly heal his surgically repaired left knee by having it drained of fluid, Metta World Peace said he will undergo platelet-rich plasma therapy on Jan. 6.

He would not rule out playing before the procedure, and also said there is a possibility he could return almost immediately after the procedure. But he also faced the possibility that he could miss an extended period of time.

We'll see what comes of that. I hope Metta doesn't bother playing before he's fully healthy.

Feel good, everyone.