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Thursday Greenland Sharks


Happy Boxing Day! I hope your holidays have been magnificent, and I hope I'll see you Saturday at the P&T/Knickerblogger meet-up (I'm gonna make a whole reminder post about that today). For now: SKNIL!

- Greenland sharks are the northmost-living and slowest-moving sharks around. They're big and lumbering and they scavenge a lot of their food and their skin is so poisonous that you have to boil them a bunch if you want to eat them (which you do, apparently?).

- The Atlantic Division sucks a loooooooooooooooooot.


- Still no word on Carmelo Anthony's availability going forward.

- Been a while since we got a Berman/Marbury conversation, but Steph was at the Garden yesterday and sought out his favorite beat guy to talk about these Knicks.

- Here's the whole Beno Udrih grouchfest after Wednesday's loss. He's not feeling good, which is unsurprising.

- Here's everyone else being like"ohhh noooo we totally love and respect Mike Woodson even though we refuse to try at basketball".

- Dan Litvin 'n' Anthony Donahue are doing a Spreecast tonight! That'll be fun/gloomy.

- Tim Hardaway Jr. played a solid game on Christmas. Before that, Chris Herring showed how-- even with his poor defense-- Timberley has been a bright spot for the Knicks this season.

- I guess people were arguing that Carmelo Anthony is a really productive passer, because Deadspin decided to shoot that down.

- Mike Kurylo on hatin'.

- Mase 'n' Starks (and Jim Boeheim) are opening up a pizza franchise. This isn't quite the Knicks-themed pizza place I dream of opening someday (ALL P&T MEET-UPS ALL THE TIME...WITH PIZZA!), but it's something.

Those are some links. Hope you're havin' a lovely day.