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Final Score: Raptors 115, Knicks 100

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Thanks to everyone who came out to watch the game with us tonight. To the rest of y'all: I highly recommend finding some other Knicks fans to watch these games with, because the company really eases the suffering.

I didn't pay the usual attention to the Knicks' second-straight loss to the Raptors, but I could have seen all Toronto's open threes, all the offensive rebounds and easy finishes surrendered, and all of the Knicks' futile comeback attempt with my eyes closed. When Toure' Murry got a flagrant foul for grabbing Kyle Lowry's penis, anybody could have called Lowry hitting both free throws, then immediately hitting a three upon getting the ball back. The Knicks have losing down to a science. After DeMar DeRozan went off Friday night, FARTDOG opened its arms to Kyle Lowry, Terrence Ross, and Greivis Vasquez. The only way the Knick defenders could have helped those guys more is by goaltending all their shots to guarantee two or three points no matter what. That's it.

So, the P&T meet-up undefeated record is shattered, with the Knicks falling to 4-1 in our presence and whatever-whatever this season. They suck shaven mule ass.