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The Knicks have signed Jeremy Tyler

Chris Smith's been replaced.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I just want the Knicks to do something. Anything. If they're not gonna win meaningful games, then at least give me some diversion, however small. Finally bringing Jeremy Tyler up from Erie would be one such diversion, and it could happen this week. Via Marc Berman:

Knicks brass has seriously discussed re-signing Tyler this week to bolster their frontcourt, according to an NBA source. That would take advantage of the four-day break, after Saturday's 115-100 loss in Toronto, by incorporating him in practice.

Berman goes on to say the Knicks might wait until January 5th, when 10-day contracts can be signed, to add Tyler, but Frank Isola makes it sound imminent:

...and there's this, which may or may not mean anything:

Whenever the Knicks do sign Tyler-- whether it's this week or later-- the question becomes who vacates a roster spot for him. Chris Smith is deservedly at the very bottom of the rotation, but he is Chris Smith. Cole Aldrich, who plays roughly the same position as Tyler and is not Chris Smith, would be the alternative.

And about Tyler himself: The big gent's been putting up some efficient scoring and monstrous rebounding numbers in his last few games as a BayHawk. He won't save the Knicks (ALTHOUGH THE LAST TIME THE KNICKS SIGNED A WARRIOR CASTOFF FROM THE BAYHAWKS NAMED JEREMY THAT WORKED OUT PRETTY WELL AND TYLER ONCE PLAYED PRO BALL IN JAPAN SO HE'S KINDA ASIAN YOU GUYS), but I don't require a savior at this point. I just want something else to watch.

UpdateThe Post is now reporting this as a real thing (with Smith being the cut) that will happen today (Monday), but they've also got a photo of James White in place of Chris Smith, so who knows if they can be trusted.

Update: Ian Begley hears the deal is done, and I'm sure we'll get official word in the near future.

Update: It's official.