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If Mike Woodson does get fired, then what?

(Plus updates from today's practice, where Mike Woodson was the coach.)

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Hello. Welcome to another day in purgatory. Something big will happen eventually. We're just wading through losses and quotes in the interim. So, to catch up with the rumor mill: After yesterday's reports that Mike Woodson might be nearing his end and (from the Post) that the Knicks would consider Jeff Van Gundy as a replacement, Van Gundy went on the radio today to be all like "LOL no". Of course, Marc Berman only reported on the Knicks' interest, not Van Gundy's, but either way, Jeff Van Gundy is not going to coach the Knicks this season. Later? Who knows. But he's not going to take this job in-season. We knew that.

Who would? If Woodson's thin ice does break-- if Dolan, say, throws a tantrum over a loss in Brooklyn Thursday and cans him-- then what would the Knicks do to replace him? I suspect it wouldn't be a matter of just promoting the next in the chain of command. For one, most of Woodson's staff is made up of his guys, and some might leave with him (though there's always Herb Williams. Seriously. There is ALWAYS Herb Williams). For two, the Knicks say they want to keep Carmelo Anthony around and probably still believe they can win a championship. That in mind, it'd be much Knicksier to rush a big name into the fold than to let Uncle Herb putter away a crucial season. Right? But on the other hand, what established, available coach with any sense would willfully inherit this weeping carbuncle of a team? We know George Karl and Jeff Van Gundy wouldn't, and I don't see why anyone would. Not when the team is already well below .500, possibly on the verge of roster upheaval and, you know, still the Knicks.

Which brings us to the latest rumor from Frank Isola:

Allan Houston, supposedly the GM in training, looms as a potential successor. The word around Knicks camp is that Dolan wouldn’t hesitate to promote him to head coach if the Knicks don’t turn things around sooner than later.

...which kinda makes sense. We've heard forever this team would end up being led by Houston, though we'd always heard he'd become GM. I have no idea if he'd be good at that. I have no idea if he'd be a good coach, either. He has never coached or even assistant-coached, but he is the son of a coach and he was a very good player on some very good teams and he can speak in complete sentences, so...maybe? I feel in my tummy like I wouldn't enjoy Houston as a coach, and not just because his being Knicks-groomed and Knicks-approved automatically raises questions.

But I'm getting way ahead of myself. Mike Woodson is still the coach, and very well could be for a while. It's his job. Or wait, is it?

Regarding the first thing: sure. No need to address unpleasant rumors if you don't want to. Regarding the second thing: I mean, it kinda is? Like, at the very least, it'd be nice if you could? It might help your case and divert us from just assuming you are inept and/or corrupt?

Anyway, speaking of Earl:

As some of y'all have already half-joked, that probably means J.R. will play 40+ minutes tomorrow night.

In closing, today I learned the Spanish word for "laughingstock"!

Hazmerreír. It just sounds like the Knicks, no?

I hope you are having a pleasant evening, dear friends. What's for dinner?