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Pre-Game: Knicks at Nets- 12/5/13

The Knicks and Nets face off in Brooklyn tonight.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Well, here's this. There will be a basketball game between the awful Knicks and the awful Nets tonight. We've been told this game could hold special weight in determining the fate of Mike Woodson. That is extremely silly, but we do not know if it's true. I guess we'll see.

The Nets are down four important men-- Deron Williams, Andrei Kirilenko, Jason Terry, and Paul Pierce. The Knicks will only miss Tyson Chandler, as J.R. Smith will play after complaints of knee soreness earlier in the week. Mike Woodson had said he'd play J.R. fewer minutes, but, ya know, he probably won't. Same starters as in previous games: Felton, Shumpert, Anthony, Bargnani, Martin.

A couple things I've done or helped out with today in preparation for this game:

- "Emailing with the Enemy" at NetsDaily

- A thing about how I hate the Nets and how hating the Nets has helped me deal with how much I hate watching the Knicks and how the national audience will hate watching tonight's game.

And that's pretty much where things stand. I know it's a sad, broken opponent and I am curious about what would happen if the Knicks lost, but man, I just want to see the Knicks win a game. I think it would feel at least a little satisfying, but I'm not sure. Anyway, tip-off's at 7. Game thread up in a little while.