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Saturday Shannies


Gilles San Martin

Good day, fishes! It's a linky kind of day.

- The shanny is one from the "fish look ridiculous and have ridiculous names" category. As a member of the family Blenniidae, it is a "combtooth blenny". "Combtooth" is because they have comb-like teeth. "Blenny" because...I dunno, they are very blenny in nature?

- I was interviewed for Scott Cacciola's excellent profile of us dirty, disreputable Knicks bloggers.

- "I was like damn this is for real."

- Don't listen to me when I say the Knicks have a soft schedule ahead. Listen to Chris Herring.

- Some good film analysis in here, as well as a suggestion that the Knicks' offense could really take off once the Pablo Prigioni/Tyson Chandler tandem is reunited (or, even better, the Prigioni/Raymond Felton/Chandler trio). I'd just like to see more Pablo overall.

- Games like those'll improve your standing in the world. Still got a ways to go.

- Here are all the quotes on Mike Woodson possibly dumping Metta World Peace out of the rotation when Amar'e Stoudemire is available. Metta seems fine with it, though it's far from a concrete decision.

- I hope you saw this Andrew Sharp poetry from after the win over the Nets. Andrea Bargnani is as hard as it gets.

- Interesting, typically meticulous work by Andrew Unterberger to imagine what a (totally improbable) Knicks rebuild would look like.

- I'd never seen charts like these before, but I'm disappointed in Carmelo Anthony for giving the court a rash.

- Future Melo things: He says he's not "recruiting" Rajon Rondo because that'd be tampering, which is the right thing for him to say either way and Brian Windhorst hears the Knicks aren't even remotely considering trading Melo no matter what they hear about him.

- Reminder that the Rhyming Clyde shirt is BACK right in time for Kwanzaa

That's all I've got right now! I might have missed a thing or two, because I had a bunch of tabs open and lost all of them, so feel free to share more links if you've got 'em. More, new things to come this weekend. Hopefully soon.