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The Dog Playdate Knicks Podcast: Episode 1

P&T for your ears!

Al Bello

On Saturday afternoon, my friend Jason (who you surely know as netw3rk) came over with his dog, Milton, to record a Knicks podcast with me. Milton did not like my dog's company, but Jason and I did indeed record a conversation about the Knicks. We talked about a bunch of players, we talked about the Magic game, we talked about the Nets game, and we talked about the stuff that happened beforehand.

This was a dry run. I'm much louder than Jason, there are occasional whines and chirps from various pets, my laptop fan is audible for much of the conversation, and we rambled for a good hour. We know about these things and will endeavor to improve on them the next time(s) around. Perhaps in the future we'll bring guests on or take questions or other normal podcast things, too. If you can tolerate the amateurishness, give us a listen and let us know what you think.