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No big deal, just a 41-point home loss to the Celtics

"I wouldn't say we had a bad effort."

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks lost by 41 at home to the 9-12 Celtics. At least all the Knicks understand how awful that is:

Honestly, "we were all out until the wee hours last night and you know how a noon tip can sneak up on you" would have been less irritating than all that. This is the kind of stuff you say when you lay an egg in the middle of a winning season, not when you completely revert after finally enjoying some success for the first time in weeks. Here's Carmelo Anthony:

Yeah, that's more like it. At least everyone can agree on one thing:

Hey, it doesn't have to be the players OR the coach. A lot of column A, a lot of column B...