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Tyson Chandler participated in basketball drills today

Non-contact, but still something.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks have more problems than Tyson Chandler can solve on his own, but it would be very nice to have him back. It's been just over four weeks since Chandler fractured his leg (November 5). The Knicks gave him a 4-6 week timetable, and he seems to be on schedule. After doing some light running stuff over the weekend, he was upgraded to proper drills at practice today:

So, no scrimmages or anything, but probably some real running and using of basketballs, and the NO TOUCHING restriction should be removed soon. Tyson himself is shooting for sometime before the New Year. That'd be well behind schedule, so hopefully it's a worst-case scenario or he doesn't know what the date is or something. Chandler also says he's not as behind on conditioning as he thought he'd be, which is good, though the soreness often waits until the morning.

Meanwhile, Kenyon Martin is probable to return Tuesday from his ankle soreness, and will start if he does return.

More to come today/tomorrow morning. Looking forward to having you back in my life, Tyson. It's so dark without you.