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Pre-Game: Knicks vs. Bucks- 2/1/13

The Knicks face the Bucks tonight at MSG.


Hey guys! There is basketball to be watched tonight. The Bucks are in town tonight for a 7:30 tip-off with the Knicks. Though New York blew Milwaukee out back in November, I think of the Bucks as a tough match-up for these Knicks. As Joe pointed out earlier, they've been sharp since Jim Boylan replaced Scott Skiles as head coach. Brandon Jennings and Mike Dunleavy are noted Knick-killers (especially at the Garden for Jennings), and Monta Ellis has the potential to heat up as well. They've got rebounders and shot-blockers and wing defenders. They're tough. Oh, and it's Friday, which means "Friday Night Knicks", which means the Knicks have to overcome both the Bucks and Robert Randolph's bewitching chants of "I GOTTA GET THEEEEERE". This could get ugly. Maybe watch this a few times while strangling a sheep to turn the Knicks' fortunes.

A pre-game update: After Mike Woodson announced pretty confidently that Jason Kidd would be available tonight following his 1.9 missed games due to a sore back, Kidd is merely "questionable" for tonight. If he suits up, expect him to start at two between Raymond Felton and Iman Shumpert. If he doesn't, I guess expect James White back at the three and Shump at the two.

Game thread'll be up in a couple hours. How are we feeling?

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