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Raymond Felton's hand X-rays were negative.

(Negative is good.)

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The recap of New York's big win over the Bucks will be up soon enough. In the meantime, I've some very relieving news to share. Raymond Felton took a hard shot to his just-healed right hand in the second half and looked to be in quite a bit of agony. After sticking it out for a few minutes (avoiding right-handed dribbles all the while), he took a seat on the bench to ice the sore flipper, hanging his head and spiking a water bottle in frustration. Things did not look good.

And then, out of the blue, Felton sprung off the bench in the fourth quarter and made some beautiful right-handed plays-- a three, a lay-in, and a dazzling side-arm pass to Tyson Chandler-- to lead the Knicks to victory. Since Ray's perfectly capable of biting his lip and and playing through pain even with a pulverized paw, I was still a little worried after the game, but the Knicks did X-rays and found no damage*. He's probably got a bad bruise and the hand'll probably be sore for Saturday night's game against the Kings, but there's no break. Huuuuuuuge relief.

*I cannot vouch for the Knicks' X-ray equipment. For instance, it might be Xavier McDaniel staring at the afflicted body part with a pair of tinted paper glasses.