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Monday Andean Condors


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Greg Hume

Hey babies. The Knicks have a couple days off before they complete the pre-All-Star break segment of the season with a visit from the Raptors. This...uh...feels like a good time for a break. Anyway, links:

- I mean, I'm not NOT gonna highlight this legendary moment from over the weekend. I'm a little embarrassed at how much I enjoyed watching a man repeatedly slip and fall on his face while trying to wrangle a curious Andean condor (a female, from the look of things. I don't see a caruncle.) on a hockey rink.

- Trade rumor things: Here's what Carmelo Anthony and Mike Woodson said. Here's what Suns people are hearing. Here's Iman Shumpert caring more about his recent struggles than any trade talk.

- Based on some comments I read last night, I think folks would be interested to see Mike Woodson regretting his decision to rest Melo at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

- Tom Ziller tracks the Knicks' three-point attempts and three-point accuracy over time and concludes that they might as well keep shooting.

- Steve Novak's not worried about the three-point contest ruining his stroke (with the way he's been shooting lately, I'm hoping for the opposite), but Jason Kidd's analysis of the effect of the music played during the contest is the most interesting thing there.

- The beat writers were all very tickled to hear Mike Woodson bemoan the Knicks' lack of practice while canceling today's practice.

- Frank Isola writing a column about J.R. Smith's Twitter in February 2013 is kinda funny in its own right, but J.R. says some pretty silly things here.

- Alan Hahn takes a look at the schedule ahead.

- I'm not toooootally sure this is the real deal, but I've seen people suggest that this is, in fact, John Starks on Twitter.

Them's the links. Tell me your lunches, then mail me your lunches.