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Video: A 30 for 30 Short on Clyde

Nelson George profiles Walt Frazier's style.


I've been waiting for this! If you haven't seen, ESPN/Grantland have made some excellent shorts under the "30 For 30" name, and we heard a little while back that Nelson George would be making one about our beloved Walt "Clyde" Frazier. Disdain the Mundane is about Frazier's sartorial panache and how "Clyde" came to be, including a lot of the stories we've heard in countless interviews and MSG broadcasts. It's fun, and if you've got six minutes, you can watch it below:

I also recommend Wesley Morris's essay on the same subject. Unfortunately, unless Clyde was really paying just the quickest of visits to St. Croix, it doesn't sound like he'll be in the booth tonight for the Knicks-Raptors game, so we probably won't get to hear him mention these pieces. Assuming a one-game return isn't happening, have a lovely All-Star break, Clyde. You are the best.