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Knicks Trade Rumors: There are now some rumors involving the Knicks and Timberwolves.

Just "interest", that's all.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This, like the stuff with the Suns, doesn't seem like much, but I strive to keep y'all abreast of the Knicks chatter on the internet this time of year, so here ya go...

Darren Wolfson (Minnesota ESPN radio guy), late last night:

I'm sure Kahn is talking trade w/ lots of teams, but one for sure according to two league people: the . Not sure of any particulars.

That's who I think. made him an offer in the summer. He chose NY instead. RT ‏ Ronnie Brewer possibly?

Alex Kennedy, this afternoon:

The New York Knicks have expressed interest in Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Luke Ridnour, according to source.

A few things:

1. Kennedy recently reported the Knicks had interested in Jared Dudley. Adrian Wojnarowski went on to report the Suns had interest in trading Dudley to the Knicks, but New York wasn't into it.

2. The Knicks have pretty much always been interested in Ridnour. He was the other guy they were strongly considering besides Raymond Felton back in 2010, wasn't he? He's like the Ramon Sessions of middling point guards the Knicks always covet but never acquire. Oh wait, that's Ramon Sessions.

3. Ridnour is due $4 million this year, then $4.3 million next year.


5. Luke Ridnour is hitting 32 percent of his threes this season (35 percent on his career, seemingly 85 percent against the Knicks). He's not a very good defender, but does give up 0.77 points per possession when defending pick-and-roll ball-handlers. As a point of comparison, Felton gives up 0.94 PPP in those situations, albeit as part of a totally different defense, so perhaps this entire exercise is unfair.

6. The Knicks (or at least the ones who don't actually make these decisions) remain somewhere between hopeful and vehement that there won't be any trades.

So, there's all that. No word of an actual proposed deal, nor any other names of players being considered in a trade (even Brewer's inclusion was just an educated guess). Just a couple rumors of "interest". There will surely be more. Do with them what you will.