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Thursday Madagascar Lovebirds


Frank Vassen

Hi friends! Happy Valentine's Day. I love each and every one of you. Your present is below.

- It's some links. Surprise! Haha.

- Haha. You like them, right?

- Well, I know I already post links a few times a week, but these are...I dunno, special links! Look, and I picked lovebirds, too! Love! Birds! Madagasar Lovebirds are the handsomest lovebirds, I think. And they're very hard to keep in captivity because they're so exotic and fickle. Isn't that romantic?

- You don't seem too excited, but hey, let's look through these.

- There's been some talk of rotation changes. Mike Woodson acknowledged the possibility of a lineup change last night. Chris Herring wonders if perhaps Ronnie Brewer should get another shot. And our own Paul Chillsap wrote a nice Fanpost about the (unlikely but intriguing) possibility of J.R. Smith starting.

- That project starts next Tuesday, when the Knicks will hold their first post-All-Star practice.

- This is awesome: Al Trautwig posted a photo of Mike Breen's meticulous pre-game notes. Wish we could see more of these, and not about the Knicks themselves.

- Jared Dubin's All-Star profile of Tyson Chandler, who was surely more deserving of a spot last year than this year, but hey, cool.

- Not totally sure what's going on here, but it seems the permit that allows Madison Square Garden to just sit there in the middle of midtown atop one of the city's biggest transportation hubs is up for renewal. I guess not everyone's rooting for said renewal.

- Steve Novak, not a very good rebounder.

- If you're so inclined, two Linsanity retrospectives to read as we hit another anniversary (the Raptors game-winner): Robert Cohen for SB Nation Longform and Ryan O'Hanlon for The Atlantic.

- Update: One more. Jonathan Fishner's "This Week in Knicks" gives out mid-season awards.

So...Happy Valentine's Day! That was your gift. You look disappointed. I'm sorry.