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The Best of Pablo (Lo mejor de Pablo)

Celebrating those special moments that make Pablo Pablo

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Pablo Prigioni, much to our dismay, has been excluded from the "Rising Stars Challenge". We'll have a thread up for the Friday night All-Star events later, but until then, Joe and I have declared today Pablo Day, a.k.a ¡Día del Pablo!

Few Knicks have brought the world as much joy this season as back-up point guard Pablo Prigioni. Would it be a stretch to call him the most endearing Knick of my lifetime? I don't think so; the Knicks have been many things over the years, but endearing isn't necessarily one of them. Every time I see Pablo wearing the Knicks uniform I think of Starks, Oakley, Mason and Sprewell, and I can't help but smile.

Pablo's charming, adorable exploits have already become the stuff of legend. Let's take a look back at Pablo's greatest hits thus far, and hope for more Pablo moments to come in the second half.

Pablo Moment #1: His Sweet-Ass Moped Collection

For many Knicks fans, this was their first look at Pablo. Little did we know that this antique moped collection was the perfect symbol of what would become the Pablo Experience. Seriously, does anything go together better than Pablo and mopeds?

PabloFact: On his days off Pablo flies down the Cambodia to disarm landmines. He uses his ninja reflexes to sneak up on the mine and steal its triggering mechanism before it detonates.

Pablo Moment #2: MSG Post-Game Interview

Before there was Kai, the hatchet-wielding hitchhiking hero, there was Pablo. After helping the Knicks to an all-important pre-season win against the Nets (no TAKING OVA the pre-season, Brooklyn), Pablo stepped up to the mic and instantly became America's newest catch-phrase machine.

Highlights include:

  • "To win this game, I need your points"
  • The now-legendary "I cannot say all the secrets."

PabloFact: If Israel had elected Pablo president last month, there would already be peace, thanks to his "Two State/ One Pablo" solution. And yes, he is eligible for Israeli citizenship...Pablo is an official member of every world religion.

Pablo Moment #3: NBA TV Interview


I'm no fashion expert; is that a cardigan with lapels? If anyone needs proof that this guy is the Argentine Bill Cosby, look no further. Throughout this interview I keep expecting a Chocolate Lab to run up to Pablo carrying his slippers and a newspaper. The thought of this guy hanging out with J.R. Smith tickles me to no end.

Highlights include:

  • Referring to MSG as "The Madison". How that has yet to catch on I will never know.
  • "I really don't feel like I am rookie." He says it in what seems to me like a Russian accent, then backs it up by dressing like my Pop-pop.

PabloFact: Every week Pablo rescues a stray dog and cat. He has a ranch in Patagonia where he keeps 350 dogs and cats. The animals never fight, because Pablo has taught them how to resolve arguments with their words (he also taught them to talk)

Pablo Moment #4: Knicks Super Bowl Picks

Pablo doesn't just own this interview...he owns the entire freakin' Super Bowl. I would rather watch Pablo talk about football than watch actual football...and I love actual football.
Highlights include:
  • The whole damn thing.
  • In particular, watch out for "I like San"
PabloFact: Republicans and Democrats only agreed to work together on comprehensive immigration reform after meeting with Pablo. According to Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Pablo is "one Mexican I can really get behind!"

Pablo Moment #5: Every Single Pablo Jump Shot

Some people think Pablo's 10-second set shot sets basketball back 50 years; I say it sets basketball the future!



Of all the wonderful baskets made by the Knicks this season, only Pablo's shot can inspire coach Mike Woodson to thank the heavens above:



Time to vote, Knicks and Knickettes: which moment was the Pablo-est of the first half?