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Video: Pablo Prigioni's Greatest Sneaks

A reel of Pablo's best backcourt steals so far this season.

Bruce Bennett

Pablo Prigioni, much to our dismay, has been excluded from the "Rising Stars Challenge". We'll have a thread up for the Friday night All-Star events later, but until then, Joe and I have declared today Pablo Day, a.k.a ¡Día del Pablo!

Pablo Prigioni's game has many virtues, but there's really only one thing that ought to be on every opponent's scouting report: Pablo is incredibly sneaky. Be it a careless inbound pass or a telegraphed perimeter swing, no lazy pass will go unpunished when Prigioni's on the floor. Watching tape confirms our general sense that Pablo contests every single inbound pass and cheats constantly on defense to intercept passing lanes. He is perpetually sneaking. He must sneak. The sneak consumes him. This must be why the craven frauds selecting the Rising Stars participants left Pablo out: they feared his prowling, larcenous ways.

To celebrate Pablo's sneakiness, I and my friends at the SB Nation Studios have compiled this brief collection of some of Pablo's greatest sneaks so far this season. Every time you see a rookie or sophomore inbound the ball without issue tonight, think of what could have been. While you think about that, Pablo will be snatching your belongings.