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Saturday Wigeons



Good Saturday! We've got all kinds of three-pointing and dunking to watch tonight. For now, we link.

- A wigeon is, sadly, not a hybrid of a witch and a pigeon. It's a duck. It's a good duck, though. I like the Eurasian species (pictured above) better than the American species. Here's a fun Wikipedia line:

This is a noisy species. The male has a clear whistle that sounds like: "pjiew pjiew", whereas the female has a low growl : "rawr".

- Carmelo Anthony will play in the All-Star Game on Sunday. His arm injury-- whatever it is-- wasn't as bad as he initially said it was. He may still play relatively few minutes. He spend yesterday dressed like Pitbull for some reason.

- Here's what Steve Novak was saying and doing yesterday.

- Here's what James White was saying and doing yesterday: "I came in, shook hands, kissed babies and rolled out." (Update: Also this.)

- Here's how Pablo Prigioni is spending his weekend. Enjoy yourself, Pablo. That sun better come out for Pablo or I'm gonna scream at it.

- Jonathan Tjarks writes on Tyson Chandler's long, long path to the All-Star Game.


- Richie Guerin got elected to the Hall of Fame. He will not be participating in the All-Star Saturday Night.

- Both Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center have submitted bids to host the 2015 All-Star Game.

- Some of the Knicks' best value-per-dollar players have fallen off recently, but they're still up there.

Looking forward to tonight, y'all. I'm on the NBA news desk this evening, but I'll have a thread up for all the events and will post with any exciting Knicks results as soon as I can. <3