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Open Thread: NBA All-Star Saturday Night

Steve 'n' Flight!


Good evening! Saturday night is, to me, the highlight of All-Star Weekend, and especially this year since we've got a couple Knicks involved. Here's the rough schedule for the night:

8:30 PM: "NBA All-Star Saturday Night" starts on TNT

- Shooting Stars Thing [fart sounds]

- Skills Challenge [muted fart sounds]

- Three-Point Contest [Steve Novak!!!]

- Dunk Contest [James White!!!!]

To refresh: Our beloved Steve will be competing against Stephen Curry, Ryan Anderson, Kyrie Irving, Matt Bonner, and Paul George. Flight White will face off against Gerald Green, Kenneth Faried, Jeremy Evans, Eric Bledsoe, and Terrence Ross. They're doing some dumb East-West stuff this year that will surely interfere with the due process of tonight's competitions somehow, but whatever. I like both the Knicks' chances in their respective competitions.

This is your thread for all of the above. I'm gonna be over on .com doing news desk stuff for tonight, but I'll be back and forth and will certainly post later in the evening to recap the results. Enjoy!