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So, uh, the Knicks didn't do so hot at All-Star Saturday.

Oh well.

Scott Halleran

I had very, very high hopes for Steve Novak and James White in the Three-Point Shootout and Dunk Contest, respectively, but things didn't go so well. Novak dropped out of the Shootout rather quickly by scoring just a 17 in the first round, falling short of the 18 posted by Kyrie Irving, the eventual champion.

After a few promising misses, White's first dunk was impressive, if below his potential:


That got White a 45, which may have been low, but may have also reflected the fact that we all know he can do that from farther out. His second turn was just a whole bunch of this:


White emphasized his age and the fear of wearing out his legs in the days leading up to the contest, and those ultimately dictated his fate. Dude kept running the length of the court and just looked exhausted by the time he attempted his final dunk. Kinda depressing. Oh well. Cool shirt. Melo and Tyson tomorrow.