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Sunday Nubian Bustards



Good day! All-Star Weekend winds down tonight with the Game itself. For now, here are some other links, mostly from Houston:

- There are many species of bustard-- Old World land birds of all different sizes. Nubian bustards definitely have the best haircuts of the bunch.

- James White says he was going to attempt a dunk from the top of the key(!?!?!?) had he advanced last night. That... is not a thing that is possible.

- By the way, regarding White's complaint of slippery basketballs, I didn't realize the competitors had to use slick All-Star-branded balls last night. That might actually explain all the fumbling.

- Here's James talkin' after the contest.

- The weekend in Knicks babies (scroll down on that second one).

- Jason Kidd is spending his All-Star Weekend...golfing with Desmond Mason, of course.

- Steve Novak and Stephen Curry explain the techniques that did not get them into the Three-Point Contest final last night.

- Novak and White have the least on-camera chemistry possible.

- Beckley Mason compares the games of Tyson Chandler and Brook Lopez, teammates tonight.

Them's the links. Any good lunches/brunches among you?