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Knicks Trade Rumors: Iman Shumpert's agent shoots down trade rumor

Happy Walters says nuh-uh to Chris Sheridan's report from over the weekend.


On Saturday, Chris Sheridan reported that a source from a non-Knicks team had told him that "people close to Iman Shumpert" had expressed discontent with Shumpert's role and development with the Knicks and were pushing for a trade. Very late last night, Shumpert's agent, Happy Walters, tweeted the following (found via @TheKnicksWall):

So, there's that. When dogged Twitter interrogator @RhondaD01 asked for confirmation that rumors of Shumpert OR his people being unhappy with the Knicks were false, Walters said "Yes. Totally false.", so there's that, too.

Now, Walters doesn't have to tell us Tweeters the truth, so take his words however you please. Perhaps he's not the "people" in question, though it seems he feels comfortable speaking for said people. This also doesn't eliminate the possibility of "Shumpert's people are unhappy blah blah something about him being sad at small forward" being either: 1. An effort by another team (probably the Suns) to exaggerate some small rumor they heard to drive a wedge between the Knicks and Shumpert or 2. An effort by the Knicks to displace blame for an eventual trade of Shumpert. Someone intentionally leaked that information to Sheridan and they did so in hopes of pushing a Shumpert trade along. It's still unclear who that was (though I guess it wasn't Walters) or if any trade is actually in the works. If the Knicks do want to make a trade, they have until noon Thursday to do so.