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Knicks Trade Rumors: Now there's an Iman Shumpert for J.J. Redick rumor.

This one was bound to come up.

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

Another day, another Iman Shumpert rumor! This one comes from Alex Kennedy, who posted the following after I retired to my sleep dungeon last night:

The Magic and Knicks have discussed a J.J. Redick for Iman Shumpert trade. Other players (and maybe a third team) would have to be involved.

Nothing imminent, but it's something to keep an eye on over next few days. Redick helps NY win now, Shumpert gives ORL another young piece.

Shump's name has been out there and Redick's name has been out everywhere, so their names were bound to cross paths. "Nothing imminent" means this isn't worth too much thought just yet, but to me, if the Knicks must trade Shumpert and kick me in the heart, Redick would be a terrific return bounty. He's a great shooter, a competent pick-and-roll ball-handler, and a decent man defender as well. Obviously, Iman Shumpert alone isn't enough to match J.J. Redick in a straight swap. Shump makes rookie money-- like 2 million per year until 2015-- while Redick's on an expiring contract owing him $6.2 million this season. The Knicks would have to bolster their return package or, like Kennedy said, there'd have to be a third team involved. The mere fact that Redick's contract is expiring is worth considering as well. Would this kind of deal end up being several years of Shump for several months of Redick, or would re-signing be plausible?

But anyway, must the Knicks trade Shumpert? As has consistently been the case, we have no indication of the rumors' origin. Are the Knicks trying very hard to trade Shumpert, or are they just fielding requests? Is Glen Grunwald making calls or taking calls? Does Daddy Grun even have a phone, or does he just lean his head out his office window and sniff the air? Who keeps leaking all these rumors? Is there a Leaky Lewis among us? Seems like we've got a Leaky Lewis on our hands.

So, there's another Shump rumor to file away. There still hasn't been one even moderately sized rumor involving Shumpert or the Knicks. Just a few tiny, nascent ones.