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Rasheed Wallace is expected to practice today.

Still uncertain when he'll actually play.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

The Knicks will practice today for the first time since the All-Star break and their yucky loss to the Raptors last Wednesday. They've got a quick road trip coming up that takes them to Indiana, then to Toronto for a rematch with those Raptors. Rasheed Wallace probably won't play in either of those games, but he is supposed to practice today.

Sheed has been out since mid-December with a stress reaction in his left foot. Without surgery, that injury's bound to worsen under additional stress, so the Knicks have to be careful about when and how they deploy Wallace. He's only got a certain number of minutes before the foot gets to crackin' again.

So, if Wallace does indeed practice today-- there is some doubt-- that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be back in uniform soon. Even with a totally healed foot, Sheed would probably need a bunch of practices to get back in shape after a two-month layoff. Whenever he's ready, though, the Knicks could use those spot minutes of interior defense.

It'll probably be a few hours until we hear anything from practice, but I'll post updates when the time comes.

(Oh, and no, still nothing on Marcus Camby, whose plantar fasciitis has now passed the far end of the 2-4 week recovery prognosis.) Update!