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Tuesday Post-Practice Updates: Sheed and Camby did some things, Woodson foresees status quo

Lots of little reports after the Knicks' first practice since the All-Star break.


The Knicks have finished up practice-- their first since the All-Star break and last before they head to Indiana to pace the Facers. Post-practice tweets from reporters in Greenburgh gave us some clarity on the status of Rasheed Wallace and Marcus Camby and a few prophecies from Lord Mike Woodson.

To begin with, both Rasheed Wallace and Marcus Camby took the floor for practice, making today the first ever occasion on which all fifteen 2012-2013 Knicks have been available for practice. Before you soil your britches in excitement, note that neither creaky big man was cleared for contact today. Both Wallace and Camby practiced on a limited basis. So, what did they do? We got pictures:

- They took shots! In Camby's case, they took hideous, spine-wrenching shots!

- Sheed got fitted for orthotics, presumably to protect his chronic left foot injury!

- Sheed then strapped on some motion-recording equipment and ran around a bit to produce some data for the medical staff!

- Well, either that or the Knicks are reverse-Bicentennial-Man-ing Sheed into a Robo-Sheed!

- Kurt Thomas, feeling forgotten amid all the headlines his co-geezers were making, wedged his way into Mike Woodson's post-practice media scrum!

Speaking of which, what did Mike Woodson have to say to reporters today?

- No timetable yet for Camby or Sheed.

- No changes to the starting lineup.

- No trades on the horizon, though "you always talk". (This is where we remind ourselves Woodson doesn't make those decisions and has made erroneous predictions regarding the Knicks' personnel decisions before.)

- More facilitation from Jason Kidd, please.

So, at least for now, things will remain largely as they were rotation-wise. Hopefully, things will still turn around performance-wise, because things really need to do that.