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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Kings- 2/2/13

The Knicks face the Kings in New York.


Good evening friends! On this sleepy Saturday evening (it's sleepy for everyone, right?), the Knicks finish a back-to-back with a visit from the Kings. The Kings are not good, nor are they playing well. The Knicks ***shouldn't*** have any trouble beating them, but one never knows. For instance, the last time the Knicks played the Kings (without Carmelo Anthony and Raymond Felton, but still...), they lost in perhaps the most humiliating way possible: falling way behind on a barrage of Sacramento threes, then coming all the way back only to have James Johnson beat the buzzer and snatch away the victory. It was excruciating.

So, out of context, tonight's a should-be easy win with some trap game potential. With this unseemliness in the rearview mirror, it really ought to be a vengeful, merciless blowout. It's time to stomp someone, Knicks, and these Kings are asking for it. LOOK AT IT. SUMMON THE FURY:

Please don't mess this up, Knicks. No excuses this time, as Raymond Felton is good to go despite last night's hurt flipper scare. He'll start in the same unit that started last night against the Bucks.

Tip-off tonight is at 7:30. This is your place to comment, this is Sactown Royalty, a wonderful place to read and talk about the Kings. Please don't post large photos, .gifs, or links to illegal streams in the thread. Get 'em, Knicks.