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Final Score: Knicks 120, Kings 81


Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

After taking six or seven minutes to...I dunno, get settled, I guess, the Knicks got their revenge on the Kings for that James Johnson three back in December. A whooooole lot of revenge. I was looking for a massive, merciless blowout tonight, and going up by as many as 50 fits the bill.

It was the bench that blew the game open, too. Carmelo Anthony didn't do much scoring and, in fact, no starter but Tyson Chandler reached double figures (Chandler also got himself another 20 rebounds). Amar'e Stoudemire shot 10-10 for 21 points in 21 minutes, J.R. Smith seized the opportunity to heave 14 threes and hit seven of 'em, and Steve Novak stayed hot to hit five out of seven threes of his own.

At this point, I'm just sad the Knicks punted those first few minutes. Could've been like a sixty-point win without that. Short recap will be up later!