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Here are a few more increasingly silly Knicks rumors.

Please hurry, trade deadline.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We are within 36 hours of the trade deadline, and I can't wait. For now, I present a few Knicks rumors from this afternoon and evening. Donte Greene gets linked to the Knicks pretty much every time he's available, so here's this year's version of that, via Marc. J Spears:

Donte Greene has also received inquiries from IND,NO, SA, CHI, NY, BK, ORL, HOU & CLE,source said. BK was expected to sign him before injury

Greene doesn't really make sense in New York, the Knicks don't have a roster spot anyway, and, ya know, that's almost a third of the league.

From Chris Broussard's manic blast of rumors tonight:

Sources: Knicks showing strong interest in Phx's Jermaine O'Neal...Phx also talking w/Toronto about moving Sebastian Telfair

The Knicks sure are interested in a lot of Suns!

Here's Alex Kennedy's treat to end the night:

...they have also been gauging interest in an Amar’e Stoudemire and Iman Shumpert package, according to sources. The Knicks are shopping this package in an attempt to land a significant player. One player that they’d like to pry loose is Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks, according to a league source. While it’s admittedly unlikely, it’s a rumor that has floated around in recent days.

It’s a deal that makes sense for New York. A trade of Stoudemire and Shumpert for Smith and a filler such as Zaza Pachulia, for example, would work under the cap.

Kennedy makes it very clear that he sees the above as unlikely, and I imagine he's right. Meanwhile, right on time, here's Isola:

Ok, Alex Kennedy why don't you make it easy for everyone and just name the players Iman Shumpert isn't being traded for.

I don't think any of these things will take place between now and the deadline, but that's what's out there right now. Crazier things have happened, I suppose. Tomorrow there will basketball.