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Knicks Trade Rumors: Day of the Deadline

The trade deadline is today at 3 PM.


Good morning! We are but hours away from the end of trade rumors. At 3 PM, the trade deadline will pass and we can focus in full on the harrowing prospect of the Knicks' immediate future. Despite previous rumors suggesting activity, and despite the soul-swallowing blowout loss in Indiana last night, it sounds like Glen Grunwald won't make a trade today. Some things:

- Yesterday, Marc Berman mentioned New York's interest in our old friend Timofey Mozgov, but Mozgov seems more likely to be an offseason target than a realistic trade prize.

- Steve Kyler reports the Knicks are "dangling" Ronnie Brewer and Steve Novak, presumably by their ears. Interestingly, his sources tell him this is New York's response to Carmelo Anthony's request that they "look at other options" besides trading Iman Shumpert. Whatever the case, I can't imagine another team offering much of value for Brewer (his light contract makes a trade difficult), nor can I imagine another team willingly accepting Novak's four-year deal.

- Alan Hahn wonders if a Brewer trade might be engaged just as a favor to Ronnie so he could get minutes elsewhere. Again, though, with Brewer's $800k salary, the Knicks would have to take back, like, an olive in any straight-up swap. Maybe a second-rounder, but that wouldn't be very "win now" of 'em.

- If the Suns buy out Jermaine O'Neal, the Knicks will reportedly be keen on adding him, which would require cutting someone. It doesn't, however, sound like the Suns are going to do that.

- On that note, Berman suggests New York is still keeping an eye on Kenyon Martin, but has no interest in Lou Amundson.

- Some teams looking to offload interesting players want a first-rounder in return, but remember that New York can't trade this year's first-round pick.

- None of the rumored trade ideas we've been flipping out over for the last week have been mentioned today. No Jared Dudley Stuff, no J.J. Redick stuff, and nothing involving Shumpert.

It doesn't seem like anything's going to happen before 3. At least nothing big. I'll keep y'all up to date, though. Feel free to discuss whatever's happening around the league in this thread.