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So, these are the Knicks, pretty much.

14 men, one open roster spot, 31 games until the postseason.


Farewell to Ronnie Brewer. The Knicks now employ fourteen players and one empty roster spot. The Knicks you see now are, with the likely addition of a fifteenth somebody, the Knicks that will compete for the remaining 31 games and the playoffs. Those Knicks need to get their shit together. They practiced today in Toronto, and amid the trade build-up, we got some reports after the fact:

I'm not sure why Berman guessed Chris Copeland, though I suppose it wouldn't be unprecedented for Mike Woodson to promote a guy directly from DNPville into the starting lineup. I would have guessed Amar'e Stoudemire given his second-half start on Wednesday night, but that third tweet suggests otherwise. We shall see.

Some semi-good news from practice is that Marcus Camby actually participated in some of the scrimmages. He's still not ready, but it's a step in the right direction. Rasheed Wallace is still just doing conditioning work. You can see some of the scrimmages here. Amar'e wore Raymond Felton's practice jersey for some reason. (It took me a while to remember who wears number 2 for the Knicks. My immediate response was "Why is Amar'e in Maurice Taylor's uniform?". I am deeply troubled.)

So, the Knicks have some big ol' veterans to work back into shape, a roster spot to fill, and a bunch of problems to solve. New York's perimeter defense sucks, they can't hit threes anymore, and they keep flubbing first quarters. The guys currently on the team are just going to have to fix these things.

Glen Grunwald will apparently be talking to someone about all this tonight. I will also be on the radio tonight at 6:30. Daddy Grun may have more important things to say, but I'm less likely to cancel. YOUR CALL.