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Thursday Potoos


The Lilac Breasted Roller

Good evening, friends. A surprisingly busy day has reached its end. Along the way, a few Knicks odds and ends were eclipsed by the roster moves. Here they are in link form:

- Potoos are wonderful creatures. The one above is a common potoo (or "poor-me-one"). The one in this David Attenborough video is, I believe, a great potoo. I highly recommend that video. The bird pretends to be a branch! And it does that by sticking its beak out and making the funniest, most serene face! Also, look what these guys' eyes look like when they're open all the way!

- J.R. Smith has made tonight especially interesting. First Deadspin posted a copy they received of J.R.'s astonishingly businesslike Twitter direct message dalliance with a high school student, then J.R. proved self-aware as only J.R. can. I continue to be amazed.

- Internet friend James Herbert got a byline over at ESPN to share some quotes from today's practice in Toronto.

- Internet friend Mike Prada likes today's moves.

- Ronnie Brewer bids us farewell.

- And here's most of what Glen Grunwald said at today's Kenyon Martin press conference.

- Here is a child rapping about Steve Novak. I've been sitting here for five minutes trying to think of something else to say about that video, but I have no idea. It's just a child rapping about Steve Novak. Nothing else.

- Wow, James White LOVES milk. Like, really loves milk. Tyson Chandler's addicted to french fries.

- There's a pretty funny story about Carmelo Anthony at Syracuse about 32 minutes into this. War is bad. It makes me sad. (Via)

- <3 Kurt Thomas

- From a few days ago: A look at the home life of Mr. Tyson Chandler.

- I imagine several Knicks' shooting accuracy graphs would look like Jason Kidd's.

- They're selling Headband in Melo-themed containers now, it seems.

- Why they gotta put Clyde in a box???

That's all! Have a good night, friends. Back to basketball tomorrow.