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Pre-Game: Knicks at Raptors- 2/22/13

The Knicks and Raptors play tonight at 7.


Well, here we are. We've reached a point in the season at which there's no way of knowing who the Knicks can and cannot beat in a game of basketball. New York looks to avoid a fourth straight loss tonight against the second and least reputable vanquisher among the first three.

The Knicks embarrassed themselves against the Raptors in their last game before the All-Star break. Per usual, they defended the perimeter poorly and let the likes of Alan Anderson and John Lucas torch them from downtown. They also played a nauseating offensive game, following Carmelo Anthony's lead in missing EVERYTHING, including a bunch of point-blank attempts down the stretch.

Never mind all that, though. As we keep saying, the Knicks' schedule going forward is quite tough, and it's imperative that they start taking easy wins. The Raptors have been pretty much on par with the Knicks for a month or two now, so they're not quite easy, but they're still a team the Knicks should beat. Toronto's a poor defensive team, and they're not typically comfortable at the Knicks' slow pace. (Toronto shot just 43 percent in the last game-- which featured just 85 possessions-- but hit 9-21 threes).

You must beat the Raptors, Knicks. Please. Anything to curb this feeling of malaise. I mean, if you don't, I'll just focus on the next game as the Opportunity To Turn Things Around, but...please. Come on, guys. It's Friday Night Knicks tonight, by the way. Deal with it. Please.

Tip-off tonight is at 7. Game thread'll be up before then.

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