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Kenyon Martin practiced Saturday, may play Sunday.

Today was day one of Kenyon Martin's ten-day contract.

Ezra Shaw

As expected, Kenyon Martin officially became a Knick today. After signing his ten-day contract, Martin took the court for practice (wearing number 3. Chris Smith shakes his fist inside his orange and blue pillow fort) and presented himself to the media afterward. Here are some photos of Martin in practice:

And here's some video. Martin proceeded to give reporters a few trite soundbites, then call it a day. How soon will Kenyon be available? Mike Woodson suggests he might get to spin a bit tomorrow against the Sixers, but wouldn't commit to it. Nor would he commit to a lineup change or a timetable for Marsheed Wamby. So, everything's pretty much as it was, give or take a Kenyon Martin.

Kenyon Martin, man. This is weird.

Update: Here's Kenyon speaking with Jonah Ballow after practice today. I didn't know this previously, but noticed here that Martin has a pretty severe facial tic. He's dealt with a stutter his whole life and has done some advocacy work for people dealing with stuttering and tics.