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Tuesday Slaty Flowerpiercers


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Jerry Oldenettel

Good evening! The Knicks have one more night off before they get back to basketball-playing against the visiting Warriors. Let us peruse the links of the day.

- Flowerpiercers have hooked, pointy bills that allow them to poke holes at the bases of flowers to suck out all the tasty flower juice without reaching down from above. It's like shotgunning a flower. The Slaty Flowerpiercer lives in Panama and Costa Rica.

- From practice today: Marc Berman is under the impression that, if all goes well, Marcus Camby could return as soon as Friday. We'll see about that. Camby dunked during scrimmages today, which is good.

- Mike Woodson wouldn't give a straight answer on Kenyon Martin's participation tomorrow.

- After a week off for the All-Star break, I did the NBA Power Rankings again. I'm sure they're all wrong.

- Mike Woodson has instructed Jason Kidd to just keep shooting until he busts out of this slump. I tend to agree-- the Knicks need Kidd's threes-- but man, does he appear to be in a deep rut. I find it interesting that nobody's gotten a good quote from Kidd himself (at least not that I've seen) on the subject.

- Speaking of Woodson, it appears you can win that amazing shirt he wore at practice today.

- Meloship of the Ring is doing a neat thing called "Ex-Knicks of the Week". Still no Jackie Butler, though.

- Look, it's Carmelo Anthony somehow sitting in a chair from that TV show everyone likes!

- The Sixers are still annoyed about the Knicks' bullying on Sunday night (Melo's not getting suspended). They have every right to be annoyed, but whatever. CRYBABIES.

- I can't quite tell why the Amar'e Stoudemire minutes limit thing is still a story-- I guess it got reaffirmed recently-- but Amar'e's fine with it, or at least he's saying so. Dude has been a trouper throughout this entire process.

- Check out all the Knicks paintings in here! (via)

- No idea.

- Interesting to see how financially tied-up the Knicks are relative to the rest of the league.

- James White party!

- Beer is expensive at Knicks games.

Those are the links! I hope your night is splendid. I hope you eat good foods.