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Thursday Eurasian Wrynecks


Martien Brand

Afternoon, varmints. The Knicks are headed to D.C. today. We are headed to L.D. (Link District. Not District of Links. I wish they were more consistent with their naming).

- Wrynecks are two species of woodpeckers called such because they pivot their heads from side to side when disturbed. That behavior led to their use in witchcraft back in the day, and it's possible that the word "jinx" comes from their genus name, Jynx.

- Here's Carmelo Anthony's appearance on Charlie Rose, which I watched in full this morning. It's not the most riveting thing in the world, but Melo does give some thoughtful/potentially interesting answers regarding Jeremy Lin, Mike D'Antoni, and this year's team. There's also plenty of interesting stuff about his upbringing and path to Syracuse and beyond. Also, I'm pretty sure Charlie Rose calls Amar'e Stoudemire "Amar". (Update: netw3rk's bit on the interview is terrific. It's at the bottom.)

- Raymond Felton's game-saving block of Stephen Curry (LET US NEVER FORGET THIS.) last night was not a random event. The Knicks recognized the play (it wasn't very complicated) and were calling it out the whole way.

- The gentleman Chris Herring points out that the Knicks' upcoming opponents are, on average, of the fast-paced variety. The Knicks have (at least to my eye) had some of their best stretches lately when pushing the ball up the floor, but then again, they've had some of their worst stretches while failing to get back in transition. Something to keep in mind for the next couple weeks.

- Via our friend Madbacker, Pablo Prigioni's newest Olé blog post is...well, new. He talks about reconnecting with his old Argentine buddies around the league, the All-Star break, and following sports back home.

- Rob Mahoney and Ben Golliver-- both of whom are great-- contemplate the playoff prospects of the Knicks, with the emphasis on their viability as a Heat opponent.


- The Knicks' official hospital is doing one of these contests again where you send in a video for the chance to win a day training alongside former Knicks in Greenburgh. Sounds like they're tricking you into doing work so you can win a chance to do work, but give it a look. (You can also win autographed merchandise.)

- Yes, the Knicks are old. I assume "with" also means "against" in this case?

Those were the links! I hope you're all having excellent days. Tell me your lunches.