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Kurt Thomas For Three and Other Leftovers from Knicks-Kings



At some point during last night's blowout win, I predicted that Kurt Thomas would hit a game-winning three. I may have meant that the Kings would make a comeback similar to the Knicks' big run in Sacramento back in December, only to have it snuffed out by one of the Knicks' least likely three-point shooters, not unlike James Johnson's sickening game-winner in the previous game. May have. Maybe what I really meant was that, coming out of a timeout up 41 with under two minutes to go and two seconds on the shot clock, Mike Woodson would run a play to get Kurt Thomas a quick three. And so he did:

That clinched the victory, I think. Definitely a game-winner. You can tell from that ecstatic bench reaction and Kurt's finger-point salute that that was exactly what Woodson drew up, confirming: 1. Mike Woodson is, among other things, a righteous troll. 2. The Knicks didn't forget the James Johnson three. I like to imagine this was direct retribution for that. Some other leftovers:

- Our friend Carmelo Anthony Randolph Morris Peterson (Can't wait to see how the auto-tagger handles that name. Also, can I call you CARMP? Update: Auto-tagger ignored Anthony Randolph and Randolph Morris. Cold, auto-tagger.) passed along this Amar'e Stoudemire highlight video from last night. I will now watch it:

Look at that pick-and-roll chemistry. Look at that spacing. Look at that first step. Look at that lift. Look at that jumper. That dunk off the extra pass from Tyson Chandler has me poppin' basketboners out my ears.

- That's gross. I'm sorry.

- Via Bronx Chica, here's Pablo Prigioni's "Oh, you're just not gonna guard me?" three-pointer:


- J.R. Smith follows a three-pointer with a celebration that either represents bowling, electric guitar, or bowling an electric guitar (via @TheKnicksWall):

J.R. Smith air-guitar celebration (GIF):  on Twitpic

- Reporters asked Carmelo Anthony if Mike Woodson said anything printable during that first quarter timeout when they were down double digits:

"No, not at all. Not at all. He said some things. Obviously, it got through to us. We responded right after that. What he said, it got through to us. We won after that."

- Having Jason Kidd post up Isaiah Thomas was a wise move, and it led to stuff like this:

Mmhmm. Fun night.